02 May 2005

Where are we going?

Where are we going? Scientists are fond of running the evolutionary clock backward, using DNA analysis and the fossil record to figure out when our ancestors stood erect and split off from the rest of the primate evolutionary tree.

But the clock is running forward as well. So where are humans headed?

Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins says it's the question he's most often asked, and "a question that any prudent evolutionist will evade."

I was discussing this other article with Lee, which we both found interesting:

Given his outspoken defense of Darwin, and natural selection as the force of life, Dawkins has assumed a new role: the religious right's Public Enemy No. 1. Yet Dawkins doesn't shy from controversy, nor does he suffer fools gladly. He recently met a minister who was on the opposite side of a British political debate. When the minister put out his hand, Dawkins kept his hands at his side and said, "You, sir, are an ignorant bigot."

I would like to read his book, but I haven't been spending much money on books lately. You have to have Salon access to view it.

Just saw word on CNN that evolution is on trial in Kansas. Ugh.

They always ask those parlour questions “Who’d you invite to dinner?” For me, it’d be this Dawkins guy and about four or five of the top televangelists. :D


Anonymous Lee said...

I saw the same thing about Kansas last night. My first and immediate thought was "So Kansas now joins Georgia as one of the Moron States."

...I am now suppressing the urge to rant.

9:04 AM, May 10, 2005  

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