04 December 2009

I miss this blog!

I miss this blog!

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16 March 2007

Lunar transit

Ok, this is a very cool image of the moon passing across the face of the sun, but for MAXIMUM coolness, you've got to go to NASA's site and see the video.


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14 March 2007

Morbid | Cute

The "curiosities" of Walter Potter, taxidermist, included such fantastic tableaux as The Kitten Wedding (pictured), Athletic Toads, and various freaks of nature- mostly manufactured.

Potter worked during the Victorian era, but sadly, his collection of grotesques was sold off to various buyers several years ago.

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04 March 2007


Originally uploaded by lee_3dhighway.
I'm glad to see my neighbor is keeping a sense of humor about the fact that his driveway keeps flooding.

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09 February 2007

of Montreal

Yes, Kevin Barnes has lost his mind. And yes, he's made the best of Montreal album thus far.

(BTW, I actually know a couple of the people in this video!)

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07 February 2007

"Elephants were not a good idea."

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06 February 2007

Mr. Deity

The first episode of Mr. Deity, a really funny online series about the creation of the universe. In episode one, Mr. Deity and his assistant, Larry, discuss what kinds of evil will be allowed in the new universe.

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05 February 2007

Mixed messages

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31 January 2007

Purple prose

As mentioned earlier, Prince is performing at the Super Bowl this year, and I am SO psyched. I know it'll be great no matter what songs he decides to play, but in my wicked little heart I like to think of all the songs he's got that would make the Janet Jackson incident look like a glimpse of ankle. Here are nine naughty songs I know we won't hear this weekend...

more in the complete post, with downloads!

Erotic City His best B-side ever. I remember hearing this on the radio, actually, because some DJs insisted he was saying "funk." Heh heh... no.


Bob George This was an unusually dark song for Prince, and may be one reason he deep-sixed The Black Album.

This James-Brown-ish song is the mildest of the bunch.

Let's Pretend We're Married

P. Control (remix) Those who think female empowerment can't be funny (or funky) will be the ones most shocked by this, I think.

Vibrator Another really funny song, this one is sung by Vanity because it was recorded for the first Vanity 6 album, but then went unreleased.


Sexy MF Another James Brown homage, with an f-bomb built right into the chorus.

The download links will be good thru Sunday. Enjoy!

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Well, I'm just shattered.

Syndicated political columnist Molly Ivins died of breast cancer Wednesday evening at her home in Austin. She was 62 years old, and had much, much more to give this world. She remained cheerful despite Texas politics.

Wow, I really feel like I've lost a friend.

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30 January 2007

If there's a heaven...

...it looks like this.

The Palm Spring Modern Committee website has lots of gorgeous photos of modernist architecture from the American west, plus bios and info on the architects who built them.

So, so beautiful.

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29 January 2007

Dear Mister Eno,

You know we love you and all, but jeez, what were you thinking?

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