24 October 2006

Toshio Matsumoto 2: THE REVENGE!!!!!

This weekend, I _THOUGHT_ I made a post of one of Toshio Matsumoto's short films from YouTube. But apparently it didn't make it. Weird. But that's OK, because thanks to WFMU I GOTS SOMETHING BETTER.

You might be thinking, man, what's better than a YouTube link to a Toshio Matsumoto short film?



(And for what it's worth, the one I was gonna post was Phantoms, which is available there. It's non-narrative with some really great colors, and is in the "It actually kinda gave me a headache, but I CAN'T STOP WATCHING" bin.)

Also, here's some shorts by Terayama Shuji, some guy who like hung out with Stereolab or something.

(And if you want to be a good spud, here's where you can actually buy the Toshio Matsumoto shorts.

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17 October 2006

Five Things You Probably Didn't Notice In The Shining

Here's an article about five small, easy to overlook (ha ha!) details about Stanley Kubrick's amazing movie The Shining. I'm happy to say I HAD noticed one of them (number 3) over years of watching the movie, but the others I want to go back now and check out for myself.

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15 October 2006


I could use the Stumble! Firefox plugin as some sort of secret weapon to make me look SOOOO "cool" here on the blog! The plugin is amazing-- install it, get an account, and begin stumbling around. Find something you like, and rate it, thumbs up or down. Want to contribute your own? The ratings process is easy and works. I pressed it just ONCE so far today and found this cool MC Escher-type page about 3D perspectives. Fascinating! You gotta try this.

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11 October 2006

Shove this up your mind.

Politicians sell terror and fear; pharmaceutical companies sell disease. Every state and stage of existence has become a pathology in need of pharmaceutical "intervention," and life itself is a petri dish of biochemical deficiency and need. Shyness is now "social anxiety disorder." A twitchy tendency has become "restless leg syndrome." Three decades ago the head of Merck dreamed aloud of the day when the definition of disease would be so broad that his company could "sell to everyone," like chewing gum.

That day is rapidly approaching

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08 October 2006

Project Post-Mortem

..since I apparently have nothing to post other than my stuff that I've written, this is a post-mortem of a project that I just started and abandoned this morning that'd been in the planning for something absurd like 5 years! Hooray! It was a little story about a Man, his girlfriend, his baby, another woman, and a little place called Evening Shade Heaven.

Also -- been listening to the Daniel Johnston tribute record/best of compilatoin The Late Great Daniel Johnston: Discovered Covered today, and MAN it is excellent. If you can't get past Daniel's singing, it's great because the other artists provide a really great venue to see what a EXCELLENT songwriter Daniel is. And, after listening to that and going to the disc that's got the originals, you really grow to appreciate Daniel's original versions quite a bit more, too. It's made me really go away from being a mere appreciator of his talent into much more of an actual Fan, which is pretty cool. Highly, highly recommended!

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07 October 2006

Lame Plug Of Fiction.

I just have decided to master the furry form of erotic fiction.

I am the king of words.


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01 October 2006

100 Years (with The Sims)

I can't believe I actually got misty-eyed watching a Sims video, but I did. This is a fan-created music video using the Sims 2, and is probably the best one of its kind that I've seen.

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