27 December 2006

Danielson "Did I Step On Your Trumpet?"

From the brilliant Ships album comes this just-as-brilliant video.

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14 December 2006

Flying dogs! Lasers!

OK, I don't know what it is with me and music videos lately.

I like the song a lot, too.

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12 December 2006

Pepakura: Unfold Anything

Now this is cool. Lee, since you have previous 3D experience, would you try out the unfolding program "Pepakura"? The demo is free. Open a polygon model and it will create a pattern for a cardboard fold-up. It looks like it could be sooooo cool. Great for quick, visuals in real 3D. You just cut them out of cardstock or matboard.

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08 December 2006

Why not me?

OK, I know this makes three video posts in a row, and I apologize for that... I'll try to stop spending so much time on YouTube.


I was born in 1965, and this is what the world looked and sounded like back then. Erm, if you were in France, which I wasn't. Mareva Galanter might be in France, but she wasn't alive in 1965, so that makes us about even, I think.

"Pourquoi pas moi?" means "Why not me?" although I don't think a French person would ever say it that way.

If you like this kind of music, called "ye ye" (searching for that term is a logistical nightmare, BTW) I also recommend April March, who besides being a ye-ye revivalist is or was an animator for SpumCo, the folks responsible for Ren & Stimpy.

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07 December 2006


Another wonderful animated short, this one pointed out to me by my friend Lee G.

Sometimes dreams do come true... this is about living the impossible, even if it's just for a moment. A very sweet, (darkly) funny short, with really cool music. It makes me laugh and also kinda made a tear come to my eye. This one was posted by its author, so enjoy!

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06 December 2006


OMG... this animated short is one of the most brilliant things I've ever seen.

The short is in German, with Portuguese subtitles(!); I can't find it in English, but stick with it and you'll figure out what's going on. So, so cool.

AFTER you've watched it, check out the official site for the film.

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05 December 2006

MEGA pixel camera

OK, so I don't care that I bought my 8mp digital rebel XT six weeks before the 10mp Rebel XTi came out. After all, with the new 160mp camera now out, hey, we're all obsolete. I guess compared to these professionals, we should all just resign ourselves to forever being rank amateurs.

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Hey, y'all want some PORN?!?!?!?

...then you'll be sadly disappointed.

Someone posted these scans from the May, 1963 issue of Playboy. Mostly, it's advertisements, which are all really interesting not only being older design-style type stuff, but also typically for an Older Audience, or, rather at least one where they're guaranteed to have a particular demographic. There's also a kind of disturbing cartoon, and one nude photospread (which is interesting because, as the poster points out, the model -- who has a great body -- would definitely be called "fat" today and would probably be nowhere near the pages of the magazine, which is sad).

So, it's technically NSFW, but it's not too awfully bad. Really, the nude part is almost Cute in its quaintness. (Man, it's weird thinking of stuff from the 1960s as quaint. I just get weirded out by time, I guess.)

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04 December 2006

Wonderful Graffiti

Besides paint and pictures, what do you want on your wall? What do you want your wall to SAY? It seems the people at "Wonderful Graffiti" have figured it out. What would some of our most famous or infamous people have put on their walls? "Helter Skelter" (Charles Manson), "Bring it on" (George Bush) or maybe "Arbeit Macht Frei" (Martha Stewart), maybe?

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