30 September 2006


Well, temporarily... as of Monday I'll be living at The Hotel George in Washington, DC, for most of October. It's about 3 blocks from the Capitol building (look for the little green arrow indicating the hotel). Could I be any more excited? I don't think so.

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CNN is sending me to spend three weeks helping to edit a political series called Broken Government that's going to run up until the November election. I'm told that this project is kind of in chaos (what else is new?) and that I can expect to work 7 days a week towards the end of the project. This will be my first time in Washington, a city I've ALWAYS wanted to visit, and so I'm going to make the most of whatever sightseeing time I do have. I'm hoping to buy a laptop tomorrow so I can stay connected, and if I manage that, you can expect a blizzard of pics of our nation's capital to be uploaded shortly. I'm slightly freaked out about being away from home for so long, but I figure it'll be an adventure. :)

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25 September 2006

Flickr has long been a haven for all things cute, but... are Americans even approaching the hieghts cuteness can scale? Not hardly. And "Cute Overload will be there to chronicle it all.

This site has the cutest pics of animals and even grossly cute products, often with funny captions to go along with.

It also has this strange lexicon of its own, such as:

"Ehn!" The sound every living creature makes when it
can't... quite... REACH...

...and other terms like muzzlepuffs, snorfing, and sea urchin belly.

There are The Rules of Cuteness, including small ear-to-head ratio; you're cute if your furniture doubles as your meal; and less obvious ones like "eye capsules."

It also gives examples of the Japanese out-cute-ing us at every turn (like the Japanese woman making freakishly realistic-looking cute fluffy dogs out of crysanthemums).

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22 September 2006

Ben Folds covers "Such Great Heights"


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19 September 2006

Flickr cards!

Ever wanted to give out your Flickr address? How about flickr meets biz cards... What else is there to say about this? Cool (and cheap). I'm on it... I'll report back.

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18 September 2006

Hey, give that back!

This is a simple idea, but I like how it's done.

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Textured wall panels

Holy cow... I want to re-do my whole house with these!

OK, maybe just the dining room or something. But I love them.

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16 September 2006

Unintentional humor

Heh heh!!! This is from a British game show called "Catchphrase," where they show bits of a cartoon image that will depict a common phrase. In this instance, the bits they show give the impression that they're very naughty bits.

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11 September 2006

United we stand?

"Five years have come, and five years have gone, and still we stand together as one."

-New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg

"We feel that the homosexual agenda is trying to take advantage of the tragedy. We're treating them like they're married, and in doing that, we're destroying marriage because you're lowering it to a homosexual level."

-Rev. Lou Sheldon, criticizing the drive to treat gay survivors of the 9/11 attacks as spouses

For a really, really moving account of several of the gay families who lost loved ones that day, including one picture which will bring tears to your eyes, check out this long, but excellent, article.

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10 September 2006

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08 September 2006

Go, David!

Enigmatic US director David Lynch has presented his first movie in five years at the Venice Film Festival, where the 60-year-old becomes the youngest recipient of a Golden Lion for lifetime achievement.

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07 September 2006

"Have you no sense of decency, sir?"


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glitch browser

DDo not ajust your se t.

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03 September 2006

Flamethrower car (Drive-Invasion 2006)

Whoo hoo! :D We spent part of our Labor Day Weekend the way we usually do... hanging out at the drive-in for the Drive Invasion festival. CHECK OUT this video I recorded with my digital cam, which I almost dropped when the car fired out The Mother Of All Backfires. Heh heh!

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Tons of pics from the event are here. Some highlights:

Getting to see Rocket From The Tombs, who I wanted to see so badly that I gave up the chance to see Blue Oyster Cult on Sunday. (There are two RFTT clips linked off that photo page, BTW.)

The inflatable Godzilla (one of the movies on Sunday, due to BOC playing).

The Dunk A Rollergirl booth.

The sights. 8)

All those wonderful toys!

As for the movies, we saw 2001 Maniacs, which sucked, and I Drink Your Blood, which was good in that "drive-in movie" kinda way.

Now, I'm going to spend the rest of the weekend in recovery mode! :)

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01 September 2006


I'm a big fan of dystopian novels and stories, so I'm really surprised I've never heard of this author nor his novel (which predates 1984 and Brave New World) called We:

As the novel opens, it's the 26th century A.D., and the Earth is under the power of the government of the dictator known as the Benefactor. A Two-Hundred-Years War has killed all but .02 percent of the world's population, giving rise to the One State, which was partly created out of the need to ensure that there could be no more revolutions. The One State has discovered the equation for "mathematically infallible happiness," which mostly consists of eliminating ego and desire. People no longer have names but numbers, and they're taught to think of themselves not as individuals, but as parts of a whole, a unified "we."

I'm going to have to get a copy of this.

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