25 September 2006

Flickr has long been a haven for all things cute, but... are Americans even approaching the hieghts cuteness can scale? Not hardly. And "Cute Overload will be there to chronicle it all.

This site has the cutest pics of animals and even grossly cute products, often with funny captions to go along with.

It also has this strange lexicon of its own, such as:

"Ehn!" The sound every living creature makes when it
can't... quite... REACH...

...and other terms like muzzlepuffs, snorfing, and sea urchin belly.

There are The Rules of Cuteness, including small ear-to-head ratio; you're cute if your furniture doubles as your meal; and less obvious ones like "eye capsules."

It also gives examples of the Japanese out-cute-ing us at every turn (like the Japanese woman making freakishly realistic-looking cute fluffy dogs out of crysanthemums).


Blogger Lee H. said...

Heh heh!!! :D That's awesome... I'd seen C.O. some time ago, but it's gotten better since I last looked, and also your analysis is priceless.

5:05 PM, September 25, 2006  

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