15 October 2006


I could use the Stumble! Firefox plugin as some sort of secret weapon to make me look SOOOO "cool" here on the blog! The plugin is amazing-- install it, get an account, and begin stumbling around. Find something you like, and rate it, thumbs up or down. Want to contribute your own? The ratings process is easy and works. I pressed it just ONCE so far today and found this cool MC Escher-type page about 3D perspectives. Fascinating! You gotta try this.


Blogger Lee H. said...

Yeah, I am COMPLETELY addicted to StumbleUpon. It's even better when you enter a search term... then your "stumbles" will all relate to that search until you clear the window. Like I said: addictive! :D

And wow, that 3D perspectives page makes my head swim a little... I've thought about these kinds of things before, esp. when taking wide-angle photos, but that page almost helps me understand it. Heh!

8:47 PM, October 17, 2006  

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