28 April 2005

Everything old is New (Order)

They don't look like much, but then they never did. New Order were never the band that the cool kids liked when I was growing up, so my love for them was predicated on "import" vinyl and what little bits I could hear on the college radio stations that reached Carrollton, GA, which was exactly two. (One local, one from Atlanta.) I loved their combination electronic/guitar sound right from the start, and while some of my other favorite bands of that era (I won't name any names, but one has the initials Depeche Mode) went chasing the mainstream American radio market through the 90s, New Order just clammed up. 1989's Technique was up to the old standards, but the one they did in 1993 sucked, and then they vanished, except for reissues and compilations.

Now I've been listening to their new one, Waiting For The Sirens' Call, and it is absolutely wonderful. It's a little less electronic than their 1980s masterpieces Low-Life (my first New Order album) and Brotherhood, but it still sounds like vintage New Order, just a tad more guitar-y.

2001's Get Ready kinda sucked... but after a break of 11 years, I was willing to allow them a hiccup, especially since New Order was never about consistency even in the best circumstances. Siren isn't going to win over anybody who didn't like 'em in the first place (Monty), but I'm sure as hell enjoying it. :)


Blogger Lee H. said...

Ok, I'm still listening to this, and it's still awesome.

1:02 AM, May 01, 2005  

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