28 April 2005

While my MIDI gently weeps

This could either be pretty cool, or else horrific: there's an album of Beatles covers coming out in June, all done by electronic music artists:

01 SkyLab2000: "Two of Us"
02 EROS: "Blackbird"
03 Mystiquintet: "Eleanor Rigby"
04 Jay Atwood and Susan MacCorkle: "Tomorrow Never Knows"
05 John Selway: "Something"
06 Joey Jaime: "Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds"
07 Chokocheeky: "Hey Jude"
08 The Natural: "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"
09 Signs: "Strawberry Fields Forever"
10 EROS: "Let It Be"
11 Mystiquintet: "Because"
12 Jette-Ives: "I Want You (She's So Heavy)"
13 Azade Abi and Holmes Ives: "Come Together"
14 Morpho Eugenia and John Selway: "Across the Universe"

No, I've never heard of any of these people either, but I have to admit I'm curious.


Anonymous Rev. Syung Myung Me said...

Hm; my guess is, honestly, in the 'horrific' camp, but I'd still be really interested when it comes out. At least it is coming out on a real label (not that Real Labels necessarily mean "Quality" -- look at pretty much the output of, say, J Records..., but there's a lot of Tiny Indie Label Tribute Comps that are by-and-large goddawful; trust me , I've got a few... *CoughcoughWeAreNotDEVOcough*), and I do tend to like Electronic Music, depending on the instrumentation. But I don't know any of these folks, and I'm not sure what it says that there's doubles (EROS apparently really dug the project).

Still, could be interesting.

11:53 AM, April 28, 2005  

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