13 July 2005

TV Sheriff

I found this on Snuggles, the Negativland (& c.) mailinglist, and it's kind of neat. TV Sherriff is a guy who's a professional video editor by day, video collagist by night. He's got Coldcut's VJamm software controlled by a MIDI keyboard when he does shows, and speaking of Coldcut, he's done a video for them, too.

His site's got two main sections -- "Antimercials" (I liked the vaguely disturbing for no real reason you can put your finger on "Treet" one) and "TV Musicks", collage songs made out of Advertisments and other stuff from TV, along with a couple examples of his live show. Apparently, he's been working on a DVD for a while, but it hasn't come out yet, and next week, he'll be opening for Beck in LA. I guess he's done shows with the Evolution Control Committee (behind the Rocked By Rape 7" and the Whipped Cream Mixes of Public Enemy). The only problem is that the .mov files at the site aren't of the highest encoding quality, so sometimes the image gets a little lost in the pixellated soup. But it's still pretty neat.


Blogger Rev. Syung Myung Me said...

Heh, just found out from the Snuggles list that apparently he edits for Adult Swim cartoons, including Tom Goes To The Mayor (which I've mentioned here before and was the only one who liked it..8) But I'm used to that, I'm also a Super Milk-Chan fan...). So, if you want to see his professional editing, check that out, I guess!

4:11 PM, July 14, 2005  

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