11 July 2005

Disguise that dangerous dog!

Worried that you have a nice dog from a "dangerous" breed that people will be prejudiced against? Why not disguise him as a different breed? This enterprising guy has even created conversion kits to make your dog into "something else." Check it out. Don't miss the photo gallery below.


Blogger Lee H. said...


I actually saw something related to this last week, though... I was at the vet to pick up Kayla (haircut, not a doc visit) and this poor guy was in there with the SWEETEST female pit bull. Apparently he was leaving at 7 am on a business trip, and couldn't find a kennel that would board his dog (incl. this one) because they wouldn't accept pit bulls. The guy was at his wit's end.

Pit bulls have a bad rap because of the jerks who teach them to be mean. They're stronger than other dogs, but not inherently vicious- in fact, they have very gentle personalities. We think our black Lab, Buddha, is part pit bull because of the shape of his head, but never mention it at the vet because of this very kind of issue. (And we found him when he was a puppy, so we don't honestly know his background.) We've had him 12 or 13 years now, and his personality suits his name... he's one mellow old man. :)

12:19 PM, July 11, 2005  

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