09 December 2005

Bird's Eye View

This is sort of like Google Maps, but with better, more high-res imagery. I used to live Here. Ho hum, you say? Check the "BIRD'S EYE VIEW" link (the little yellow graphics in the left margin) and zoom on in to some SERIOUS satellite imagery. And as an added bonus: ROTATE the little directional thing. It doesn't do what you think! Amazing.

What about you? Where are your interesting links? Sadly, there was nothing for where I live now (which is "off map" in so many ways). Don't forget to check the Bird's Eye View (on the left) of any place you look up.


Blogger Lee H. said...


This is a great view of our house (brown roof). You can see my pickup truck parked on the street, and you can ever see a little bit of the deck in back.

This was obviously taken last year, judging from the car in our neighbor's driveway (she sold the place last fall).

Man, the reolution on this is almost spooky. Thanks for the link, Monty... this is going to suck up my whole night, I can tell already. :D

7:54 PM, December 09, 2005  

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