30 November 2005

Arrested Development was a hero to most...

Man, something's weird at Cartoon Network. First, they start showing completely non-animated movies in the Cartoon Theater segment (made worse in that they're BAD live-action films... stuff like Small Soldiers or Honey, I Shrunk The Kids -- what the hell?), but NOW I hear that despite good ratings and good popularity, they're not going to renew probably my favorite show on the channel (even above the Adult Swim stuff, and just a notch above the brilliant Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends!), Teen Titans. [more]

So, basically, even though I hardly ever do letter-writing campaigns, I'm sending in a letter to Georgia right now. I've written it, and it's sitting under my student loan payment ready to go out. One thing I like about THIS campaign, though, is that the creators realize that online petitions aren't worth the paper they're promised to be printed out upon. They have a template letter to print off and send in, but it seems to me that an actual original letter (I'd say handwritten, but if I were to handwrite a letter, it'd just end up looking like some ancient scrawl, so, you know, for me, it's Futura to the rescue) would be much, much better.

Anyway -- if you haven't seen Teen Titans, check it out. It's a great show -- some have slagged it for its obvious anime influences, but I think it comes squarely in the side of "Homage" on the whole "homage versus rip-off" field. And, hey, from looking at it, FLCL seems to be a great big influence on it, and, well, you can't go wrong with that, as that's one of my favorite series, too. (Seriously -- check it out. Particuarly if you're interested in seeing what Bara no soretsu hath wrought... Well, aside from A Clockwork Orange.) And, if, like me, you're into it, consider writing in to show your support. Just because (and I don't recommend people copy/paste this, since it sort of defeats the purpose of writing an original letter...), this is the letter I sent in:
Dear Sir or Madam:

I was writing to voice my support for your show Teen Titans. I've heard that Cartoon Network has decided not to pick up the show for a sixth season. This news disappoints me greatly, as it's my favorite program on your network. I might not be in the proper demographic, being 25 and all, but I watch the show religiously. I've got a deck of the collectable card game, and the only reason I've been holding off on getting the DVD collections of the show is that I was waiting for season sets -- which are coming, so I will pick those up the day they come out!

I very rarely write a letter to attempt to save a show from cancellation, but I enjoy Teen Titans so much that I don't see how I couldn't attempt to do at least something. After all, when I was at the zoo this summer, in front of the cage for the ravens, a little boy in front of me exclaimed "Ravens! Just like on Teen Titans!" I just had to laugh, because that was exactly what I was thinking, too.

Please reconsider your decision and make more episodes of this excellent program.

Sincerely, &c


Blogger Lee H. said...

I've never seen it, but it's the show from Cartoon Network I hear most ABOUT. I wonder if one of the writers/artists is bailing out for some reason?

1:22 AM, December 01, 2005  
Blogger Rev. Syung Myung Me said...

I've been trying to figure it out -- the best I can figure is that since it's hit 5 seasons, that's often considered the magic number for syndication, so perhaps CN thinks that they can basically just start making money off the show instead of having to make less money from paying for new ones. If I had to guess that'd be it -- I think if it were a labor dispute, that'd be in the various animation trades, but I haven't seen anything on that (or stuff that leaks through to fan-sites). And I don't think anyone's left or anything. It's weird.

Oh well, I know at least one other person who's mailing in a letter (and is including a picture of Starfire drawn by her daughter!), so maybe they'll get enough letters to reconsider.

When I told my best friend that they were dropping Teen Titans, he said "Cartoon Network doesn't exist for me now", which I kinda had to concur. It seems that since they banished Mike Lazzo to Adult Swim, that the network's really gone downhill. The new people don't seem to get it, or something. (How else do you explain live action films on the _CARTOON_ network?)

8:17 AM, December 01, 2005  
Blogger Tony, Ironfixer, Reese said...

As far as I can tell. Cartoon Network has started a new mentality. Do just enough seasons to put out a good DVD collection, then do direct to DVD movies based on the show. They've done this with both the great Batman and Superman shows by Paul Dini. Both my boys and myself watch it together, I being an old comic fan can talk up about the characters with them.
It just makes me paranoid about my favorite CN show which is Justice League Unlimited (another Paul Dini great).

I really can't see where Cartoon Network is going in these strange marketing moves. In my and my kids' opinion they are slipping to the Nick stations.
Well, anyway I'm off to take my pills now. Hi Lee! Hello to the rest of you guys!

5:39 PM, December 13, 2005  

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