02 June 2005

Pix: Garden City Vespa Rally

Garden city is, of course, named for Victoria, BC, where I went with my buddies for the Memorial Day long weekend (where here in Canada was a couple weeks ago)! MAJOR fun.

We loaded up our scooters (I have a 1980 Vespa P200E) and drove down on Thursday in a rented GMC 3500 diesel, leaving around 6:30 pm, and drove all night to Victoria. We hit the Victoria ferry at 7a Friday morning. The trip was lovely. There are some other pix on Scoot.net, but mainly, you wouldn't know anyone until you see either my pix or those of my buddy, Danny. I also have some pix up online which are more of the ones I wouldn't normally post for "other" people. We had such a blast!

Friday we basically hung out around Victoria, taking it easy, drinking a little coffee and sitting around enjoying what turned out to be some rare sunshine at an outdoor café. Then we headed on down to the hostel for a nap.

The hostel was great. I love hostels. We shared our room with a really cute chick one night, but mostly, as usual, it was infested with Aussies. They're cute, though.

The Vespa rides were fun. We went on about five of them, and they REALLY showed us around the immediate area. It was rather disorienting, but by the end of the weekend, we could get back to our hostel from just about anywhere. MAJOR kudos to the Victoria scooter club people, by the way-- they really knew the area and we almost never touched highway. My only complaint was that we went SO fast on the rides. I love going fast, but their town was so beautiful that I wanted to stop and look around some, too.

We drank a lot, partied late, drank some more, and then slept-- a little. Then we drove home-- 14 hour drive! GOD. But it was a FUN time! I may have to get a night job to pay for the trip, however...


Blogger Lee H. said...

What GREAT pics! And it sounds like a really awesome time. I don't see how y'all stood each other in that truck on the way home, though. :D

This pic is stunning... you should try printing that.

2:09 PM, June 03, 2005  
Blogger CatsFive said...

Which one? That link doesn't go to it.

3:29 PM, June 03, 2005  
Blogger Lee H. said...

Try this.

I think it's just a slow shutter, but it looks like a time lapse, with lots of headlights and taillights whizzing by. It's just gorgeous.

6:07 PM, June 03, 2005  
Blogger CatsFive said...

ah! Yeah. That one was about a 15 second exposure as traffic was coming down from this one mountain road. We're about six hours into the journey. It was more fun coming back because it was day the whole time, meaning we could see a lot of the mountians. SO beautiful.

7:09 PM, June 03, 2005  

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