01 June 2005


Some camping pics I took on our trip last week, if anybody wants to see.

They're mostly divided into "campsite" and "Arabia Mountain" pics, the latter being a hike we went on one day at a mountain/quarry that's now a park here in Dekalb County, GA. It was SO EERIE walking out across that quiet, barren granite face... it honestly didn't feel like Georgia, much less so close to home.

The stone piles you see are called "cairns" and are used to mark a trail across the stone face... the whole hike was about 4 miles, with 2 of those being out on the granite.

The last link is a QTVR 360-degree thingy taken from a point out in the quarry.



Blogger Rev. Syung Myung Me said...


Cool animals and cactus! And the panaramic thing is neato!

I've got a camera full of pictures from my California trip that need to be developed. Once those are, I'll be sure to share them!

8:58 PM, June 01, 2005  
Blogger Lee H. said...

The snake was a trip, because I'm standing there just snapping away hoping ANY of them would come out, and finally Arn calls (from up on the high part of the campsite), "You notice that snake is coming TOWARD you, don't you?"

I left a little Wile E. Coyote style cloud of dust there at the creek bank as I vanished up the hill. :D

9:03 PM, June 01, 2005  
Blogger Rev. Syung Myung Me said...

hahah, what kind of snake was it? Hopefully not too dangerous of one...

9:30 PM, June 01, 2005  
Blogger Lee H. said...

We weren't sure, but since it was brown and in the water, I wasn't taking it chances that it might be a copperhead (which is poisonous). -=8-O

9:39 PM, June 01, 2005  
Blogger CatsFive said...

One of my favourite pictures is the window. I love this pic. I'm fascinated by places which were once "somewhere" but are now still "there," but "nowhere," if that makes any sense.

By the way, I once killed a copperhead. I look back on it now as one of my least proudest moments. It was just chilling out on a rock and I, at the tender age of, what, 24 maybe, thought I was doing the world a favour. I had no idea the snakes ate so many rats.

10:07 AM, June 02, 2005  
Blogger Rev. Syung Myung Me said...

Ooh, the window is neat, too. Sort of like the archetectural equivalent of ghost signs, in a way...8)

11:28 AM, June 02, 2005  

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