01 June 2005

Aw, man...

I was all set to mention David Lynch's Daily Weather Report, but it's currently on hiatus -- the current report is just a sheet saying "THE DAILY REPORT WILL RETURN SOON". Hopefully, by the end of the week or something.

Anyway, though -- it basically is what it sounds like. David Lynch tells you the weather in LA. Yesterday, it was a beautiful day with clear, blue skies and "70 Beautiful Degrees". It made me really happy. David Lynch is such a good-natured, friendly guy... who happens to have this really creepy side to him that he lets out through art. I bet he'd be fun to hang out with. (I like the reports about how he says "Gee Whiz" and "Golly" type slang all the time, wholly non-ironically. I heard a story that on the set of Blue Velvet, he was talking about a scene and directed the actors to say "That Word" in a particular way -- said word being "fuck", from a script he wrote, that contained "fuck" some really high number of times. That's so sweet! I could just give him a big ol' hug.)


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