11 May 2005

While My MIDI Gently Weeps, Pt. 2

Y'all remember when I posted recently about an all-electronic tribute to tbe Beatles? One of the artists involved with that project, Jay Atwood, found us and emailed us!

He and Susan MacCorkle did "Tomorrow Never Knows" for the compilation, and he describes it this way:

"I usually work in a world fusion idiom, so this winds up as kindof a chill, Beatles in India thing. Most of the other tracks on the project are more mainstream electronica - but it ain't half bad."


"The whole CD is downtempo/chill, and I can honestly say that I really like about half of the tracks. Some others are fine/tolerable, and only a couple really rub me the wrong way. A pretty good ratio for a bunch of basically unknown guys. My favorite composer/DJ on the project is this guy, Eros. Really great stuff, and it always grooves just right."

So, personally, I'm looking a lot more forward to hearing this project than I was before. Heh!

Now, Jay and I jointly decided not to risk a knee-capping from Yoko Ono by posting "Tomorrow Never Knows" online, but he DID send us one of his original tunes to post:

"This one is from my upcoming release "Bonfire Dreaming" and is world/chill bordering on ambient. If you like it, you can post it for your friends, (I own this one) and maybe they'll all be nice and buy the CD when it comes out this summer."

So, here's the song (which I like, a lot) and Jay's email is BatJay (at) aol (dot) com.


Blogger Rev. Syung Myung Me said...

Sorry it's taken me so long (unconciably long, in fact) to actually mention this. I downloaded it when it was first posted, but then got sidetracked and stuff happened which wasn't so hot yesterday so anyway though NOW I am listening. Like, as I'm typing.

And it's pretty cool, actually. I like the digeridoo soundin' thing in the background doing the drone-y thing. It's cool to hear the sort of world-musicy aspects mixed in with some of the electronica tropes, like the little flangey-synth line that comes in and out. Even the digeridoo is sort of like the chewing-sound-synth that sometimes pops up in some electronic sorta stuff. Actually -- that's kind of the cool thing with this -- there's a few things that in straightforward electronica that would be played on synths that are played on natural instruments (like the thing that sounds sorta like a balalaika or bazouki or something? The stringed instrument that does the main melody line, anyway). So, yeah, this _IS_ pretty cool.

And, I actually am pretty interested now in the original Beatles tribute thing (and feel vaguely bad about sorta sideways-premptively-dissing it. So, like, sorry about that too, actually!

11:09 AM, May 14, 2005  

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