11 May 2005

Some reading

I love this. The Iraqi TV industry is adopting some American-style techniques.

Also, a followup from a previous post about the Airbus A380... Just how impressed should we be?


Blogger Lee H. said...

Perhaps the biggest TV hit is "Caricature," an irreverent "Saturday Night Live"-style sketch comedy show that tackles topics from electricity outages to kidnappings to lazy government officials. In one skit, an unemployed government worker who lost his job after the war curses former U.S. administrator L. Paul Bremer III because now his life has been reduced to taking his ailing father-in-law to the bathroom.

I WISH there was a way to see some of this Iraqi stuff. Awful working conditions usually inspire some of the most creative work, no matter what the medium, and I bet the Iraqis are doing some ingenious stuff right about now. I hope most of it survives, along with its creators.

8:40 PM, May 11, 2005  

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