11 February 2006

The Soft Bulletin 5.1

So I got The Flaming Lips' surround sound 5.1 version of The Soft Bulletin as a birthday present to myself, and it's as awesome as one would expect. :)

The track listing is slightly different from the original album, including one song that isn't on the original, and not including the remixes of "Race For The Prize" and "Waitin' For A Superman" (which makes sense, with the whole album being one big remix).

I'll list both in the complete post.

BTW, the 5.1 version also comes with an audio CD of the album (in stereo, not surround, obviously) and it uses the new tracklisting as well.


1. Race For The Prize (Remix)
2. A Spoonful Weighs A Ton
3. The Spark That Bled
4. The Spiderbite Song
5. Buggin' (Remix)
6. What Is The Light?
7. The Observer
8. Waitin' For A Superman
9. Suddenly Everything Has Changed
10. The Gash Listen
11. Feeling Yourself Disintegrate
12. Sleeping On The Roof
13. Race For The Prize
14. Waitin' For A Superman (Remix)


1. Race For The Prize
2. A Spoonful Weighs A Ton
3. The Spark That Bled
4. Slow Motion (not on the original album)
5. What Is The Light?
6. The Observer
7. Waitin' For A Superman
8. Suddenly Everything Has Changed
9. The Gash
10. Feeling Yourself Disintigrate
11. Sleeping On The Roof
12. The Spiderbite Song
13. Buggin'

Also included are the "Waitin'" and "Race" videos, 4 radio sessions, and three album outtakes, all in stereo, plus the aforementioned audio CD as a separate disc.

I'm hoping their next album, At War With The Mystics, was recorded with the 5.1 version as a part of the original process, so both will be released at or near the same time, but I haven't heard if that'll be the case or not.


Blogger Rev. Syung Myung Me said...

I've thought about picking this one up, but I think The Soft Bulletin is sort of the Not Available of Flaming Lips albums -- the one everyone else seems to like a whole lot more than I do. It's OK, though, so I might...

I've heard the new single for the new record, and it's pretty rad, though. I'm real excited for At War With The Mystics.

BTW, I'm listening to Smitten by the Martinis right now -- it's Joey Santiago's post-Pixies band. Found it in a dollar bin -- it's actually really good! I'm kind of surprised, especially after getting the record by Jerry Harrison's Casual Gods, which was sort of a bit of an explanation as to why I dig David Byrne's solo records as well as the Talking Heads records...

6:08 PM, February 11, 2006  
Blogger J.P. said...

Cool! I had totally forgotten about this. I'll be putting this on my "to get" list.
And Rev, I used to think The Soft Bulletin was kinda "meh" (though in a pleasant way, if that makes sense), but suddenly one day it just all clicked into place and is now one of my faves. On the other hand, I've been hoping that the same thing would happen with Pet Sounds (an album I find boring as hell, honestly), but no luck so far...

1:37 PM, February 12, 2006  
Blogger Lee H. said...

Hey, I've got to make a correction to the original post: The audio CD that comes in this package does NOT follow the new song listing- it's identical to the original release of the album, including the two remix tracks. What confused me is, this track listing isn't given anywhere in the packaging... so it wasn't until I actually played the CD disc today that I noticed.

If someone buys this without having the original release, I think they'e going to be VERY confused on the song titles. Warner Bros. should have taken that into consideration when they printed this up.

3:17 PM, February 12, 2006  
Blogger Rev. Syung Myung Me said...

Hm, I think "Pleasantly Meh" is an accurate description of my feelings towards Soft Bulletin -- I do like it OK, but it just doesn't click.

Although, I am one of the die-hard Pet Sounds fans... in fact, I just bought the Pet Sounds Sessions Box Set Thingy for my SO's one year anniversary, so, hooray for that record, I guess..8)

4:37 PM, February 12, 2006  

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