06 February 2006

Was 9/11 CIA Orchestrated? Uh, No.

We've all seen the stupid little movies and Flash animations and whatnot about whether the government orchestrated 9/11, so many times so in fact that I'm not going to bother linking them all here. But I found this article titled How To Stalk Your Girl/Boyfriend, James Bond Style (which of course I would never do), which, appropriately enough, is self explanatory when I throw in the terms "GPS" and "CELL PHONE."


But still, I was curious about the technology, how it's being used and what its ethical ramifications might be, etc., and I did a wee bit of snooping around. OK, it can catch bank robbers. Or track other things (like dogs, children, trucks, employees and other assets? How about a fascinating way to track air pollution?)... we all know this. And, uh, so you might be wondering, how does this relate to my opinion that the CIA wouldn't have had the brains necessary to have planned and executed 9/11? Oh, just a hunch...


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