10 February 2006

MMMmmm, astroturf

Okay, some of the little cakes and bon-bons on this page look tasty, but this is just scary-looking. Babelfish provides this translation of the text:

Fragrance of powdered tea or roll cloth
* Commodity explanation...
�吾�с�����若�冴�帥�ゃ�� to burn politely moistly it was fragrant in �� dust cloth and mixed the high first class powdered tea, color the refreshing roll cake. Fresh winding the black bean of the Tanba product in the raw cream.

OK, make that "Mmmm, roll cloth."


Blogger oddharmonic said...

What a novel use for powdered green tea!

I bet it be a great icebreaker at a St. Patrick's Day potluck. Or not.

7:20 PM, February 11, 2006  
Blogger CW Crisman said...

Check out these White Chocloate Covered Freeze Dried Strawberries... with strawberry powder for even more strawberry flavor!


11:19 AM, February 12, 2006  

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