06 June 2005

Eno again

OK, I promise I'm not going to post every Brian Eno article that comes out this summer, with the new record and all, but I had to share this one just because it's so well-written and funny. How can you not love an article that has this paragraph in it, describing his door-to-door canvassing during the recent UK elections:

"I felt like a Jehovah's Witness actually," he says. "In fact, I looked like one, because I had this black coat on - I must show it to you." He rushes behind the bookcase and emerges wearing a nondescript raincoat. "I must say, if I saw myself knocking on the door wearing this, I probably wouldn't answer either." [...] Did anybody come to the door and go, Bloody hell, you're Brian Eno? "No. Nobody recognised me at all. I didn't think anybody would. It wasn't that kind of neighbourhood, you know."


Blogger CatsFive said...

What an EXCELLENT article. My only complaint about it was that it was FAR too short.

I especially liked the way he collects everything-- like the Reg Keys speech (well, some of it is at that link, anyway). Eno reminds me of Stanley Kubrick tis way-- though, obviously, it seems, in a MUCH more organised way.

I have always admired Eno ever since I was introduced to "Here Come the Warm Jets" (by the usual suspect), but to be honest, I know little about him. I don't have a disciplined mind, which I regret more and more in my later years.

Anyway. Thanks to his archives, no doubt, there will be a wing off some museum somewhere dedicated to him, obviously...

11:24 PM, June 06, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It really was like a Shakespearian speech, 15 minutes long. I transcribed it afterwards, for our website, and the only thing I took out was a single 'um'. It was amazing."

to think, there was a time when he'd have took out the sensible stuff and made a song from that "um"! -- J.

2:15 AM, June 07, 2005  
Blogger Rev. Syung Myung Me said...

Man, what a great article. Eno always seems like such a genuinely interesting guy... and it helps that he makes awesome records, too. That's really cool about him doing the Einstein lecture, too! I love people like that, who are so intelligent and learned on as much as they can find out about. That's so cool!

2:54 AM, June 07, 2005  

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