08 April 2005

A strange dream I had last night...

Occasionally, whenever I had a strange dream, I would sort of jot it down and e-mail it to Lee. Sometimes he would do the same, and there even used to be a site devoted to people who would record their dreams, and sometimes he and I would post our dreams there. Since we're on the blog now, maybe I'll post it here, instead. Let me know it is not the sort of content you'd like to have on the blog.

I haven't been feeling well lately, so I've been sleeping a lot, taking little hour-long catnaps immediately after work. It's been my experience that when you sleep and dream during hours you would normally be awake, you tend to have more vivid, bizarre dreams. So here's one...

I dreamed that I was with my mother and father in Japan. We were shopping at a mall which, because space in Tokyo is so limited and crowded, occupied the entire inside of a skyscraper. On the outside were offices, and on the inside, the mall, all the way up. Customers moved between the stores along incredibly steep, amazingly wide escalators that could hold maybe 10 or 20 people per step.

I could see no visible means of support for the escalators. They were just diagonal lengths from one side of the building to the other side. "Aren't the Japanese amazing?" My dad said.

I think it was that one of the stores on the 40th floor where I bought something strange -- I don't know what it was -- this tiny little spiky ball made of leather. It looked like a microscopic picture of a virus, made large. It was sort of like a wallet. You could unzip it down the middle and store things in it.

I was peering over the edge, when my dad said, "You better not do what I think you're thinking." I dropped the leather ball thing and watched it fall. It came unzipped in midair and fluttered to the floor behind the cosmetics counter. Within moments, I was in custody of the mall security detail. My entire family was asked to leave. "No worries, I didn't come here to shop, anyway," my mom said happily. "It's time to fly home."

Next thing I see was the outside view of a large airplane flying at cruising altitude above a white blanket of clouds. It was a large plane, but with an incredibly realistic picture of an attractive naked woman painted on the outside of the plane. It was an advertisement, nothing explicitly sexual, and although she was naked, it was designed more as an advertisement promoting some sort of product. From my perspective outside, from the top of the plane, however, it looked like she was lying using the nose of the plane as her pillow, and her hips were exactly where the plane's wings joined at the body of the plane, and her legs were painted spread open and onto the wings. Where normally you would see her *****, the circular red sun off the Japanese flag had been superimposed, for modesty.

Suddenly, it wasn't me or my family flying home at all, it was a commercial for Japanese airline. I was watching the scene on TV in a Japanese hotel room. The airline's slogan flashed across the screen:

Fly with your pants on
an excellent experience
the best "take-away."

I woke up, smiling, laughing. I remember once, years ago, doing this same thing. I counted the syllables. I was writing fucking haiku, in my sleep. And bad ones, too.

I went back to sleep.



Anonymous Rev. Syung Myung Me said...

It's been said that there is nothing more boring than listening to other people's dreams.

I, however, disagree strongly with that. So, yeah, I dig the posting of dreams. A friend of mine used to keep a Dream Journal (it eventually just sort of morphed into a standard journal, but for a while, it was just dreams; and every so often I post dreams to mine. I compiled some of the best here and tried to encourage other TODCRA members to do the same, but so far no one has, because that's kind of the way of TODCRA. And I didn't post one there, which I'm thinking of turning into a script of some sort, because, well, I tend to dream in the form of media.

For example, when I have surgeries sometimes (er, I don't mean that like I have them often, just, you know, about normal, it's not a hobby or anything) they'll give me Percosets or whatever, and I'll hallucinate TV shows. The last time (a few years ago), I hallucinated a long-form DEVO video, a new episode of Duckman and a That's My Bush! Clip Show. I'd just end up spacing and staring at the wall. It was kind of cool. It made me think I should perhaps have more surgeries.

7:04 AM, April 09, 2005  
Blogger CW Crisman said...

This made me laugh. It also makes me realize how much I miss you at movie night...

Brilliant writing Haiku in your dreams.

12:03 AM, April 10, 2005  
Blogger Lee H. said...

On the outside were offices, and on the inside, the mall, all the way up. Customers moved between the stores along incredibly steep, amazingly wide escalators that could hold maybe 10 or 20 people per step.

You had me here. I am fascinated with people-movers... but you knew that. :D

I love how you went from being in the experience, to seeing it on TV... my own dreams do that all the time, and it pisses me off. I hate that the idea of "witnessing media" is so ingrained in our brains that we dream that way.... I really do hate it.

2:28 AM, April 10, 2005  

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