06 April 2005

Album art challenge

This is pretty cool... Stylus Magazine (.com) is having a weekly contest where you have to identify 10 album covers that have the artwork intact, but the text and logos stripped off. This is their third week's contest- in both of the first weeks I knew only one of the covers, but this week I actually recognize TWO of 'em. Can y'all do any better?

I'll post the two I know as a comment, in case you don't want any spoilers.


Blogger Lee H. said...

#4 is Jean-Michel Jarre, Oxygene

#7 is Wire, The Ideal Copy

10:31 AM, April 06, 2005  
Anonymous Rev. Syung Myung Me said...

Heh, man, that is hard. I didn't actually recognize any this week, though they get credit for doing a Half Japanese record last week!

That actually kind of reminds me of a thing at tmbg.org -- a game where you've got a bunch of the art from the albums/singles/etc. with the words removed and you have to guess what it is. I actually provided a bunch of scans for that... I remember that I actually wrote a bunch of the questions for the trivia game over there, too, though I haven't really contributed to that site in years. But it's still kinda cool.

8:21 PM, April 06, 2005  
Anonymous TimV said...

I thought #3 was from a Pink Floyd gatefold. I also thought it was by Hipgnosis but I couldn't find it while perusing this gallery or this.

Also, I thought #6 was Laura Nyro but that was a no-go as well. I know I will be kicking myself when I discover what they are.

10:07 PM, April 06, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

9 is Klaus Schulz

11:20 PM, April 06, 2005  
Blogger CW Crisman said...

Holy crap... Owl-stretching has made it on to Mefi...


4:46 AM, April 07, 2005  

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