10 November 2006

Two things from the SLOG!

The first thing is a bit of good news, kinda. Dan Savage dug up an article that suggests that in the Virginia election, the anti-Gay Marriage Amendment (which did pass -- BOOOOO -- though, apparently Arizona's failed magnificently, and is the only state to actually shoot down this particular type of foul legislation) cost Allen the election. Which is pretty funny/rad, considering that the standard idea is that you put on heinous measures like that and the PsychoCons come out in droves and vote, which also benefits the Republican candidate and all. So, basically, Mwomp Mwomp on that. Too bad that the actual amendement passed, which is terrible. I just _cannot_ understand that mindset. Most of the time, I can see the other side of an issue, even if I'm squarely on the opposite side -- this one? I really can't. I think it's about the only situation where I can say that if you don't agree with me on that issue, you ARE an idiot. Not being for gay marriage is less an ideological stance as it is a character flaw.

In other news, this gave me a chuckle:



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