06 January 2006

Stabilized Zapruder film

Apologies if y'all have seen this before, but it's new to me... I have probably mentioned to a couple of you the cool stabilizing filters we have now at work that we can apply to an area of video- i.e., if you have video of a car chase shot from a helicopter, we can highlight the car and hold it perfectly steady throughout the clip. The price paid is that the video warps and jitters all over the edges of the screen, since the image is being digitally warped to hold the shapes in the center artificially "steady."

Well, someone has applied a high-grade version of this technology to the Zapruder film of JFK's assasination.(embedded QT movie) NOTE: The video is fairly graphic, much more so than if you've only seen the usual shaky version of this film. More in the complete post...

It's been awhile since I read up on JFK assassination theories, but it looks to me like there are two shots fired here... one when the car goes behind the sign that blocks the view from the camera (see how JFK moves suddenly, like he has something in his eye), and then the second one that busts his head open (ugh).

This does not sit with the government's "single bullet theory," but to my eyes (after just a couple of viewings) it looks like both bullets might have come from the same place, so it's still possible Oswald was the only gunman, but if so he definitely fired more than once into the car. I just don't know.


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