14 November 2005


Woody with wagon
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So, I had the coolest experience today. I was driving home on Buford Highway when I spotted this beautiful old station wagon with a SURFBOARD on it, and had to stop to take a pic. (more in the complete post)

The owner came out and asked if I wanted to get soem pics with the hood closed, which I did. We talked about classic cars and such for a while, and learned that his nickname is the same as that of his car- Woody! :)

After we'd talked a bit, he asked if I wanted to see what he was working on now. I said I did, so we went into his backyard...

...where he showed me what is going to be the biggest, baddest riding lawn mower ever. :D It's still a work in progress, as you can see, but Woody says he intends to take it to car shows... towed on a little trailer behind the woody station wagon, of course.

The complete set of pics is here. Also, he has some of hisown pics up on a car show type site here (slightly NSFW, due to scantily-clad gals posing with the car).


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