10 October 2005

Teenager In Love

A band I mentioned several weeks ago, Purty Mouth, updated their website, and one of the updates involved uploading their cover of "Teenager in Love" by Kirsty MacColl. SO get this song. It is WICKED AWESOME.


Blogger Lee H. said...

I like their twist on the song, but it pales in comparison to Kirsty's original.

12:24 AM, October 11, 2005  
Blogger Rev. Syung Myung Me said...

Tell you the truth, I'd probably agree (I loved it, then found the real one and was completely blown away), but theirs is pretty awesome, too. And, you know, gets credit, at least with me, for making me seek out Kirsty!

12:30 AM, October 11, 2005  

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