08 October 2005

All The Things She Said Are About Us

I just came across a MOV file of the new t.A.T.u. video for "All About Us", from the new record, Dangerous and Moving. I found a advance copy online, so I've heard the full record (I was so happy about this, because I fucking love this band; 200 km/H in the Wrong Lane is just one of those Pop Masterpiece Records. The new album sounds a lot like the old one -- so much so I was surprised to find out that Trevor Horn only produced one song this time -- but a little bit mature. And, hey, "Gomenasai", one of the stand out tracks, has strings arranged by the Richard Carpenter[1].

Anyway, this probably isn't the single I would have chosen from the album, though it is very good; it just sounds a bit too much like the singles from the first record (which is, I assume, precisely why it's the leading single). Anyway, though, the video is great -- it's another one of the "dark" t.A.T.u. videos. They seem to like doing those, with "30 Minutes" being the one where one of them blows up the carousel where the other is cheating on her with a boy, and the "Not Gonna Get Us" one where they run over lots of stuff/people including themselves (but not in an Upperclass Twit of the Year way, which is what I always think of whenever I hear of someone running themselves over...).

This album is a little interesting, since even though t.A.T.u. have decided to actually cop to the faux part of the faux-lesbianism that was the theme of the first album, there're still a lot of songs (this one included) that seem to actually keep that going. (Although, I suppose, if the last album had "Malchik Gay" (a song, sung by a straight girl pretending to be gay, with a narrator who's a straight girl wishing that a gay boy were straight so that she, the straight-gay-straight girl could go out with him), this album can have the far-less confusing trope of straight girls singing songs from a gay voice without having to pretend themselves. Sort of a "Jo the Waiter" type thing.)

Anyway, check it out -- it really is, like the previous album and singles, a great pop song. I hope the album does well (it's been getting really good reviews from what I've seen, which is both understandable and surprising), and that there's a third t.A.T.u record in a year or two. (Though, I must admit, I'm kind of expecting this one to not do so well, just because they did seem to have a bit of the "one-hit wonder" nature; I so hope I'm wrong, though.)

The record comes out next week, and that means that come Tuesday, I'll be at the record store. Mainly because not only would I be buying a copy anyway, but according to their site:
"Dangerous and Moving" Deluxe Limited Edition
On October 11th, release date for t.A.T.u.'s 2nd album, "Dangerous and Moving," Interscope will issue a Deluxe Limited Edition which will include the album CD as well as additional material. Details are still forthcoming, however, label sources say that the Deluxe Limited Edition will contain behind-the-scenes footage, a special poster and actual multi-track parts to one of t.A.T.u.'s songs so that fans can make their own remixes! It hasn't yet been confirmed in which countries this limited edition will be made available.

And, well, I've decided that I'm actually going to be suckered into that particular scam, and that I will SO pick up the Limited Edition version. I'm not sure what's on it or what's different, but, man, I am so wanting it.

Because I have a good attitude about menstruation t.A.T.u.![2]

[1] I suppose this means they'll starve themselves to death with no non-brother to stop them/but he'll help remember them now through this special TV off-em.
[2] Any kidding I am doing at their expense is done out of love. Mainly because I completely and unabashedly am a huge fan. On the site, they mention that they're planning a US tour. They'd SO better be coming to Seattle, because I will be front-row-center.


Blogger Lee H. said...

Wow, that IS a cool video! I can't see that getting any MTV play.

I love the concept of this group (Trevor Horn's version of Frankie Goes To Hollywood for the new millenium?), even though this song is a little glossy for my taste. I can defintiely hear the ABBA influence, though!

5:28 PM, October 09, 2005  
Blogger Rev. Syung Myung Me said...

I've heard it's banned, although I don't know if that's A) True, or b) For the US, UK or what. I could kinda see it being as such, though. (Even if MTV played videos anymore..)

This is one of the second-tier songs for me, though; you might check out some of the other stuff (my favorite is probably "Gomenasai" and "Craving" (which I think is the one Trevor Horn actually DID on the new record). I still like noe of the reviews from the TATU site, which said one of the songs was "ABBA by way of Laibach".

8:32 PM, October 09, 2005  
Blogger Lee H. said...

"ABBA by way of Laibach"

Hah! I have to hear that. :D I will definitely check out some of their other stuff.

1:22 AM, October 10, 2005  

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