25 June 2005

And, Also In My Bookmark File

I have this habit of bookmarking articles with the intent of turning them into posts here. Of course, what ends up happening is that I bookmark then, then promptly forget about them. So, I figure I might as well empty out my folder with a few articles that are pretty cool:

An Imaginary Scandal A really cool article about a literary hoax; a reknowned and critically acclaimed book by an Indian woman living in London turned out to be written by a Children's book author. Who also turned out to be a white English vicar.

Through The Looking Glass Another literary article, this one about a 10 year old girl who wrote a novella back in the 1970s, and then disappeared. A really interesting exploration of early talent and what can happen, and also the whole thing about what can happen as people reach adulthood.

An Interview with Judy Blume Growing up, I loved Judy Blume's books -- I think between 3rd and 5th grade, I pretty much read all of them, at least of the Young Adult ones. (Though, I don't think I quite got all of the references, heh...) But this is a pretty interesting one, looking at her battles with censorship and all of that kind of stuff; this was written for the 30th anniversary of Forever, one of her more controversial books.

DIVIDE BY ZERO Just a bunch of cool, free, true-type fonts.

The Fred Phelps Expose Book and The Capital-Journal's Indepth Stuff on Westboro Baptist Church. A lot of stuff, perhaps seen before, on everyone's favorite loathesome kook. On a similar note, Smell The Brimstone is Westboro Baptist's foray into Web Animation (inexplicably in RealVideo/Windows Media, when it looks to me like it was done in Flash...). Like basically anything these swine do, Not Safe For Work, but it is kind of funny, but not in the way they THINK it's funny. But it's kind of amusing, I suppose, at least in that "Laughing at the horror of it all to keep from crying" type sense.

Anyway, I think with the first couple links, I was going to compile them into a big post that explored Fakeness Versus Realness (since I really enjoy that kind of stuff), which'd include the Codex Seraphinanus and this dry abstract about how Acupuncture has no evidence of working with migraines, and maybe some other stuff like various Internet Hoaxes like Kaycee Nicole, but, well, I never got around to it or really figured out a good way to make it work. At some point, I might get around to doing it, but I haven't quite figured it out yet, so... And, I think the other stuff was just more of "Hey, this stuff is neat! You should check it out!" I think I had a few other ideas for combination posts, too, with, like, linking the three articles about writing together somehow, but... well, it's cooler to just share those links, anyway, because they are awesome. So, yes! Hooray! Anyway, I'm off to see The Ditty Bops here in a little bit, so that should be fun!


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