24 June 2005

Webcomics Part II

Eh, this isn't really a Part II per se, I just found a couple while poking through my bookmark file that I kind of forgot about:

No Idea On The Title Of This I don't know much about it, but it seems to be a bunch of Japanese Comic Strips Literally Translated Into English. They're pretty absurd and don't make a whole lot of sense, but they're kind of amusing. As far as I know, there's only the 33 of them, but hey, that's probably enough, right? The first one, about a Facequake is one I've always liked.

Burton & Jefferson A cut-and-paste photo strip that's sometimes political, sometimes not. Lots of famous people, but it's got a really pretty neat visual style, really -- it's not just "here are some cutouts of famous people!" It's more like "here's cutouts of famous people run through photoshop so they match the rest of the look of the strip!" And, hey, how can you go wrong with Jimmy Stewart watching the "November Rain" video in 1989?

The Comics Curmudgeon Not really a comic, but a guy who comments on various Newspaper Comics, usually two or three a day. I like his writing style, and well, Newspaper Comics are an easy target, but he's FUNNY, so, it's OK. (Speaking of which, as a good companion, and something I think I've linked here before, Drink At Work, the blog by Francesco Marcuiliano, the writer for Sally Forth. There's a bit of cross-reference between the two blogs, as they seem to be friends, and, well, both are really pretty funny. I've actually gotten a little bit more of an appreciation for Sally Forth from reading his blog.)

So, yeah, I kinda forgot about these when I was writing that post. Mainly because I forgot I actually had them in my bookmark file until just now. Wiggy!


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