16 June 2005

The 50 Coolest Song Parts (Yeah, it's really old, but still cool.)

Yep, I got this from the WFMU blog (which I really recommend keeping up with, for nothing else but the awesome mp3s they occasionally post -- check for the early version of Eno's "The Paw Paw Negro Blowtorch", or Chris Morris' dead-on Pixies parody "Motherbanger"!), and I'm pretty sure Plastic covered it last year, but I'm digging going back through the 50 World's Finest Song Moments Of All Time, if nothing else, for the tidbit about the bass solo in "You Can Call Me Al" and the link to this review of "Come Together". And, I have to admit finding myself kind of agreeing with the first couple sentences of Baba O'Riley. (Though it looks kinda like they weren't able to control themselves when it came to bits of Queen songs -- they're on there three times... but I'm fine with that, because Queen were indeed pretty awesome.)

I was going to paste in/edit the Plastic comment I made a year ago, but it's really long, so I'll just link it instead. Actually, man, I'm all over that thread. Man. (Other ones from there that weren't in that big monster comment: The "Polythene Pam/She Came In Through The Bathroom Window" changeup; the ending of "Doreen" by Frank Zappa when the band just jams and solos and Ike Willis is doing the singing over the end; Johnny "Guitar" Watson's Flambe Vocals on "San Berdino" (ZURICH! In the OcTOBER!); the bit at the end of the Residents' "Third Reich and Roll", where they have the guitar solo that's "Sunshine Of Your Love", "Sympathy For the Devil" and "Hey Jude" all jammed through each other; "Swirling Black/Lilies To/Tally Ripe" background vocals in "Pagan Poetry" by Bjork; the noise on "How Many Cans" by Soul Coughing.)

(And as a sad side note, w/r/t the original site's mention of Wall of Voodoo's "Mexican Radio" (MAN, what is with my Ridgway kick lately? Not that it's a bad thing...), I heard a really, really awful cover of it recently -- think the band was Authority Zero -- and they left out the best part! Morons!)


Blogger Lee H. said...

The link to WFMU's MP3s is incredible. :D I haven't even downloaded any of them yet, but judging from the descriptions, this is some incredibly weird stuff.

The Clouds don't exist. They were an "avant-gospel" project originating in the backwoods of Alabama, created as a one-off mini-album and art installation by artist-in-residence Stuart Hyatt, of Indianapolis. Stuart worked with local gospel choirs and amateur performers in late 2003, wrote all the songs, and played most instruments. He then privately pressed 300 copies, which were mostly given away to participants. The album is now slated for release on Innova [http://innovarecordings.com/], which will issue a limited edition CD in packaging hand-made by Hyatt. "No, You Can't Take Them" features Kinterbish School students grades 6-8 and the Union Chapel Male Chorus.

Awesome. :D

7:52 PM, June 18, 2005  
Blogger Rev. Syung Myung Me said...

I occasionally poke through there and see some cool stuff. (Speaking of which, I'm not sure if it's there on the blog-proper-only, but there's a Real Video file (though actually encoded well) from Big Train, a UK comedy series that has a bunch of folks from Jam in it, and Chris Morris actually did some work on it, of a segment which features Chairman Mao fronting Roxy Music doing "Virginia Plain". The really remarkable thign about it is that it's really good musically as well as funny:

As for other mp3 recommendations, the Eno, obviously, and Motherbanger, of course, but the cover of "The Model" in Chinese by ZHOU Qisheng is really awesome -- I downloaded it thinking it'd be basically a novelty, like "Oh, now I have some guy like signing over a lame casio version of The Model", but it's actually REALLY GOOD as a cover, too. I went for the novelty, but I stayed for the quality. Also, the "How Soon Is Now (Stretch Mix)" by tATu is surprisingly awesome.

But yeah -- they tend to post a lot of stuff on the blog proper, which can be interesting (though, last time I plugged it here, they posted this long rambly 9/11 Conspiracy Theory thing, heh. I suppose that's the nature of Freeform, though. Still, though, 99.9% of the time, they're posting on something either musical, awesome or musically awesome.)

12:35 PM, June 19, 2005  

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