15 August 2006

Jefferson "Hal" Harold.

So, on Saturday, I adopted a puppy! He's a rat terrier, and his name is Hal. We got him after neutering and all that fun stuff yesterday afternoon, and today's the first full day he's been with us. He's definitely in the Exploring Everything stage, which is pretty rad, though kinda tiring, since he likes to run. He still needs a bit of help with minding, but, well, he's not quite a year old and we've only had him for a day. Though, oddly enough, he knows to obey my mom but good. Me, so far, not quite so much. But he sure does miss me when I have to go to work.

Here are some pictures, taken by my SO of J. Harold.


Blogger Lee H. said...

Oh how cute!! :) He's awesome! I love his "freckles"... hehe!

He looks like he's already right at home, too. I hope y'all have a long, wonderful happy life together.

10:44 AM, August 16, 2006  

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