05 May 2006


For some time I've been a fan of this strange, STRANGE little Japanese film called Uzumaki.

Based on a Japanese comic book series, it concerns a small town whose inhabitants become fascinated by, then consumed (sometimes literally) by spirals.

(more in the complete post...)

Spirals in sushi, spirals in hair, spirals in the smoke from the town crematorium... this movie looks like Edward Scissorhands-in-hell, and is genuinely creepy in a cartoony, weirdly funny way. When people start getting twisted into spirals themselves, in various gruesomely inventive ways, one young schoolgirl (who else? this is a Japanese flick after all) sets out to discover why spirals are taking over her town.

Now it appears the comics themselves (link goes to an excellent review) are being issued here in the U.S., which is GREAT news, unless it makes anyone in Hollywood think an American remake of the film is needed.

THAT would be too scary even for me.


Blogger Rev. Syung Myung Me said...

I remember a while ago hearing about that movie and being intrigued... I might have to check it out! The comic looks pretty neat, too, actually. Cool art, if somewhat disturbing...8)

7:23 AM, May 06, 2006  

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