25 March 2005

How rich are you?

How rich are you? I found this link which will tell you the answer. And naturally, you might be surprised (although, the people on this blog probably won't be. When I lived in New York City, I was in the top 0.726%, over the past two years I have slipped down to 11.26%. Once my business gets up and running, however, which I expect shortly, I'm hoping to get up in the top 0.5%, where I belong. :-)



Blogger Lee H. said...

Currently in the top 0.773%

Our household income would put us in the top 0.366%, if we were just one person! ;D

Now, if this were just for the U.S., we'd all be sitting a lot nearer the middle, or even on the low side, I bet.

4:43 PM, March 25, 2005  

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