24 March 2005

Blocking Ads


I use a product called AdSubtract to block my online ads, and it does a pretty effective job. It blocks pop-ups and a lot of the advertisements on a lot of sites. I like this offer a lot, and bought it about a year ago. I thought it was worth my money.


But there is another way to block advertisements as well, for free, and believe me, Microsoft absolutely hates this "hack". There is a large community on the Internet that collects the web site addresses which "serve" adds to other sites (like MSNBC, CNN, etc.). Check it out:


And if you want to download the hosts file, it's the second link.

To modify the hosts file-- named, simply, "hosts", with no extension-- if you're using XP, it is in

Find it, and paste the content in there, and watch.

Microsoft hates this "hack" so much that in XP Home, they will offer to "repair" the hosts file for you (keeping it blank) to prevent this. So... if Microsoft hates it, USE it!



Blogger Lee H. said...

I used to use Adsubtract, and remember how good it is.

There's an extension for Firefox called AdBlock (and a related one called FlashBlock) that do all of this, too. It was the first extension I installed. (Extensions are like 3rd party plugins... Firefox is open source so there are a LOT of people writing add-ons for it.)

This is one of the things that pushed me from Opera to Firefox... as you know, I never could get that hosts file hack to have any affect in Opera.

2:38 PM, March 24, 2005  

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