16 May 2005

More on Mitch Hedberg

I know this topic was posted in the begining days of this blog, but this article from Slate is a good read and has a couple of great clips imbedded.



Blogger CatsFive said...

Wow. It's amazing to read an article by someone who knows how to hit it, bang on: "This is not the broad social humor that plays well between commercial breaks. Sitcoms aren't about jokes, they're about zany neighbors who eat too much of your pizza and photogenic dogs who give you meaningful looks."

So sad.

9:35 AM, May 16, 2005  
Blogger Rev. Syung Myung Me said...

I concur; that was a great article. It was also really sad to read the article that linked that was the review of the breakdown show...

(And, as an aside, that one linked an apology from his site about the Urban Comedy Club, which was sort of surprising, since I'd _been_ there. And it basically is (well, was; it closed down) a total and complete dive. I saw Emo Philips there a year or so ago, and... yeah. It was probably the saddest venue I'd ever been in. (My friend and I were joking that basically, if you ever want to cure those kids who want to grow up to be Stand Ups (I was one!), you take them there, and go "You'll have to play in places like this for the rest of your life!" and they'd just break down in tears..." And, so, yeah -- the fact that they were charging 45 bucks to see him? And then lying to him about it? That's... pretty amazingly awful. Because, yeah, it was basically this tiny box at the top of a long, rickety stairwell. With a neon sign behind the "stage" (some crates, painted black and shoved together) saying "urban comedy" in Miami Vice colors. It was the saddest venue in the world.

9:58 AM, May 16, 2005  
Blogger CatsFive said...

Crap... I didn't have time to find that link. That makes me even MORE sad. Crap.

I should have posted THIS earlier, byt the way. About a year ago, I sent a few Mitch Hedberg MP3's to Elu, my buddy in Hamburg, and last week he wrote me this:

- - - -

you once passed me some mp3 from mitch hedberg and i must admit, i didnt listen to them in the first place.

now about half a year later i gut me a little iPod shuffle and i started to reorganize my mp3s. and while i was doing so i asked myself: who the hell is mitch hedberg? and what kind of music does he make?

now to make a long story short - i got me everything i could find on emule from that guy! and he's so funny!!!!

jana doesnt get most of it - well i guess she get's it but she doesnt think it's funny. but i do :)

so thanks


- - -

Jana, by the way, his GF, is super cool, but she's also the most LITERAL person I can think of. Totally the "chick flick" type of girl. She told me she walked out of 'The Matrix' because, "It was so unrealistic! This could never happen." :D

11:29 AM, May 16, 2005  
Blogger Lee H. said...

He loved his audience, his jokes, and almost everything in the world—waffles, doughnuts, roommates, electric fans, bananas, animals

In heaven, Bill Hicks is giving this guy an atomic wedgie even as we speak, without even putting down his cigarette.

9:34 PM, May 16, 2005  
Blogger Rev. Syung Myung Me said...

Hey, as long as it keeps Bill from doing "Goatboy"...8)

(I do dig Bill Hicks quite a bit, though!)

10:13 PM, May 16, 2005  
Blogger CatsFive said...

I need to investigate Bill Hicks, then... IMDB's bio of him says that Radiohead dedicated their album "The Bends" to him.

Appeared 11 times on David Letterman, but always in a very "neutered" way. His final appearance (which he had hoped would be his final message to America before he died) was recorded but cut out of the final broadcast at the last minute. Ironically afterwards he was called back and asked to do another performance, his response was: "Why?". Bill strongly criticized the show for its "ludicrous" censorshop policies (not being able to say the word "Jesus" being one of them). David Letterman later appeared in a documentary about Bill where he offered his regret on how the situation ended. To this day the footage has never been seen.

8:07 AM, May 17, 2005  
Blogger Lee H. said...

There's finally a DVD out of three of Bill's performances... we just watched his "HBO One-Night Stand" performance last night (which I'd seen eons ago, but had mostly forgotten about).

There's also some kind of documentary on there that's just other comedians talking about him... I doubt I'll watch that. Richard Jeni? Brett Butler? I think there's some attempted "coolness-by-association" happening here... though Letterman is on it, too, so I may just watch his part to see if he mentions the incident you were talking about, Monty.

9:10 AM, May 17, 2005  
Blogger CatsFive said...

Who's this 'Monty' guy?? Shhh. I'm "CatsFive." Don't talk about my secret name. :D

Thanks to your letting out my identity, I'm going to end up in the liberal concentration camp (which I expect will be coming in the USA in about 20 years or so)...

Anyway. Bill Hicks. You have this DVD? Cool. I've got a few searches running... curious about whether he's FUNNY. You mentioned you didn't really dig Mitch's humour, so I was curious who this Bill Hicks is.

1:39 PM, May 17, 2005  
Blogger Rev. Syung Myung Me said...

I recommend the DVD, too; it's three specials from different points in his career; the best one is the second one, I think. The first one is a little rough (and has a lot of the same routines as the second one, just not as perfected), and the last one is one of the last he recorded, where people are sort of just coming around and getting big fans and stuff, and it's got some really good bits, but it's a bit self-indulgent, too (_lots_ of Goatboy stuff, which, well, I just never thought was that funny). And I didn't watch the documentary, either.

As to whether or not he's funny -- I think he is, but it's a different sort than, say, Mitch Hedberg or Emo Philips; he's more of the Angry Ranter -- kind of what Carlin's become, although I think Hicks-in-his-prime is better than Late-Era-Carlin (though I love the earlier, calmer, more pensive stuff).

A good comparison is probably Denis Leary, since Leary basically ripped off Hicks for everything, sanitized it a little bit, just enough to still be "edgy", and then made billions off of Hicks' talent. (Not just in style, but they've got some really similar routines as well; also, when Hicks mentioned that he was going to record an album with music running through it and such, Leary did that too; I think he may have rushed his so he would have either been first, or they'd be about the same time.) So, yeah. Not a fan of Leary, here.

But yeah -- I'd recommend Hicks' stuff, though. It wasn't all gold, but he could get some really righteous ranting going on. I don't have any of the albums aside from a radio-promo (which is kinda funny, in that a radio-promo exists; half of it is edited stuff (so, basically bits that range from 10-45 seconds) and the other half is unedited bits, which are all around two-or-three, including some Full Versions of the edited half's stuff)). I'd recommend the DVD, though -- I'm not sure which CD I'd recommend though, not really having any of them. Apparently, though, Ryko's been putting out more than the original 4 albums (including a best-of, I think), so... yeah.

4:24 PM, May 17, 2005  

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